The ‘ L I T T L E ‘ Things

In these days of 24/7 fear and bad news, we need reminders to talk us in off of the virtual ledge.

Remember, it’s hard to be moved into action when life is ‘fine.’  It’s not until we start to really feel some pain that we are prompted to commit to change. An even then it often takes just a little more to take those first steps and begin to build momentum. 

I have a good friend who spent the last year with her husbandin Iraq while she cared for her 4 children and was busy managing her own company.  (her husband recently arrived home safely TG)  She also lives in Southern California and the wildfires have been a mere house or two away from her own.  I’ve included a picture she took below.

How easy would it be for her to stay focused on making her own life work and taking care of her family.  Yet despite her daily herculean efforts just to make it all work, she took time out to share the passage below with me because it made her think of me and my story.

You will never ‘find’ time to do the things in your life you want to do.  You must ‘create’ it. Whether its making that phone call to a friend or family member you havent spoken with, or taking that small step to explore a new career opportunity, or taking time after work to be present and play with your children and/or spouse, dont lose any more days.

You already know my story. Here are a few others that show how little things we might normally get upset about may actually serve us more than we could have ever known:


The LITTLE Things
As you might know, the head of a company survived
9/11 because his son started kindergarten.

Another fellow was alive because it was
His turn to bring donuts.

One woman was late because her
Alarm clock didn’t go off in time.

One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike
Because of an auto accident.

One of them
Missed his bus.

One spilled food on her clothes and had to take
Time to change.

Car wouldn’t start.

One couldn’t
Get a taxi.

The one that struck me was the man
Who put on a new pair of shoes that morning,
Took the various means to get to work
But before he got there, he developed
a blister on his foot.
He stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid.
That is why he is alive today..

Now when I am
Stuck in traffic ,
Miss an elevator,
Turn back to answer a ringing telephone …
All the little things that annoy me.
I think to myself,
This is exactly where
I am meant to be
At this very moment..

Next time your morning seems to be
Going wrong ,

The children are slow getting dressed,
You can’t seem to find the car keys,
You hit every traffic light,
Don’t get mad or frustrated;
It May be just that
the Universe is at work watching over you.

May you continue to be blessed
With all those annoying little things
And may you remember their possible purpose.

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