Motivation for Christmas and New Years

Excerpt from EBOOK  Wake Up! Your Life is Waiting For You! called “When you blow it”….

You can read all of the things above and start to live by them but guess what? You’re going to blow it at one point or another. No matter how hard we try or what (unrealistic) expectations we hold of ourselves, we are not perfect. So what do we do then?

Well, when you blow it, when you let your excuses and your inner voice win, and you don’t honor your commitment, there are three key steps you need to do to get going again:

1. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself immediately for blowing your commitment. I know – we’ve already established that you’re a Beat-Yourself-Up world champion! There is a benefit to that – you get to give up on your commitment! You get to stay in that familiar place of self-pity and hopelessness. But the whole point of you even reading this is to break those habits and get past those vicious cycles. If you beat yourself up all day about it, you won’t be in the proper head to recommit – you’ll be feeling too badly about yourself. And then the real damage will occur because then you won’t feel like doing it (whatever it is) the next morning and then the next and pretty soon you’ve lost all your momentum. Once you lose that momentum it becomes so much more difficult to get it going again because you have to ‘start all over!’ One of the professional football coaches has what he calls a “5 second rule.” Once you make an error or mistake, you are allowed 5 seconds to think and dwell on it. Then you have to let it go. So give yourself a few seconds to really dwell in self-pity and then forgive yourself and stop looking back.

2. Recommit. The second thing is to recommit to your goal right there on the spot. Don’t dwell on it, just recommit – and say it out loud. When you say it out loud, it seems to make it more real, like you’re declaring it to the world and you can’t wiggle out of it. In fact, you can get yourself back on the hook if you publicly recommit to the same person you put yourself on the hook with in the first place. Don’t worry about disappointing them. This is not about them. If it is about them, you may need to revisit the reason you made the commitment in the first place. Tell your partner or friend how they can support you, but you are still accountable and you still need to own your commitment but even just declaring it out loud can help you get back on track right away.

3. Do Something Today! So forgive yourself #1, recommit right away #2, and then finally do something that day – don’t wait until the next day. Waiting is what I call “Rounding Up” and it is a total momentum killer. For example, once I’ve blown a morning workout, and I’ve forgiven myself and recommitted to my exercise plan, I then spend a minute and figure out how I can still exercise today – even if it’s doing something different than I had planned. For example, if I cant get to the gym, maybe I’ll take a brisk walk instead or go up and down some stairs. What’s important isn’t the amount of calories I’m burning, it’s the integrity of my word with my commitment. By keeping that relationship strong, I will certainly burn more calories over the long term than if I do nothing, let my commitment waver, lose my momentum and end up getting off track. The key here is being flexible. Doing something instead of nothing – even if it is only a fraction of what you would have done – still counts!

Living an extraordinary life is NOT easy. This is the hard road – it’s not the easy road. One of your most powerful tools is Commitment – it’s your secret weapon to consistency and it’s this consistency that’s going to get you where you want to go!

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