What are your real gifts of this season?

Make a list of at least 12 people / things you are grateful to have in your life.

Mine: Not in order of priority, just as they are flowing:

1. flannel sheets
2. a brief snow that gave my wife, kids and me a chance to have a lot of fun outside. My kids smiles and big mushy hugs (before they get too oldand these hugs are embarrassing. I’m still going to do it though…)
3. my 93 year old Gram’s smile and attitude on life
4. my family’s health (and mine)
5. my parents
6. my friends – whom I’ve already started contacting more often
7. my office/yoga room – so nice to have natural light and beauty where I spend most of my day
8. my wife Sabrina – whom I’ve known since I was 15 and can share every part of my journey with. Our shared sense of living life as an adventure and not getting caught up in the day to day drama of hardship and fear.
9. my team – who have chosen to help me realize my own potential and maximize the impact of my message. Thanks
10. each of you and my clients – for listening, for playing, for being coachable, for adding to my sense of purpose
11. my mistakes – everytime I fall down, i get back up a little stronger, more humble, more focused, and a little more wise
12. my home. doesnt matter where it’s located, how big it is, or how it’s decorated. it’s more the sense of  ‘home’  that is created when I’m with those I care about, that can be created anywhere.

What about you?

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