An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

As we enter this new chapter in American history and in our lives, I ask you to consider the following perspective and thoughts as you conduct the business of the US on our behalf.

As a people, we may be idealistic in spirit but we’re pragmatic in purpose.  We know there are things you must do, things we’ll never fully see let alone fully understand, to get things done within the game you must play. 

We make a powerful request that you represent us with decency, kindness and compassion so that we are not only mighty, but we are mighty, strong and wise.  So that we generate respect and even envy, and not disgust.  So we stand proud again, and don’t shrivel of embarrassment.

If you represent the human and American manifestation of ‘Hope’, we demand that you walk your enrapturing talk.  We are putting unparalled trust and faith in you, not seen for decades and generations.  People are dancing in the streets, smiling at strangers, holding open doors for one another, crying tears of suppressed emotion, letting go of unreasonable fears.

You don’t need to have all of the answers, we understand that.  However, we must believe in the journey you take us on.

You’ve asked us to put aside our overwhelming distrust, fear and cynicism for all things political in this country.  You’ve asked us to look forward so that together we can all Rewrite Our Tomorrow, rather than remaining stuck looking back, mired in the distaste of the last decade.

You’ve asked us to have strength in character, not just in arms.

You’ve promised to remind us and the world why our system for living and respecting human dignity and rights is special and god-given.

You’ve encouraged us to connect with others in the world in new ways that will prove more powerful and effective than an emotional and physical reaction to threats – both perceived and real. 

We’re scared, scarred and scorned.

You’ve said that this new path will still keep us safe, give us meaning, and enable us to live lives we truly want.

We give you our faith, trust and hope that we can see this journey through together.  If you let the bullying status quo of Washington veer you off your course so you no longer are walking us to that place, you will break our hearts.
Warm regards for peace, possibility and abundance for America and the world,

7 Responses to “An Open Letter to President Obama”

  1. Mike,

    Thank you for this posting. I agree. President Obama holds the hopes and goals of every American in his hands. I believe he can live up to the task. Good luck Mr. President. Your nation is behind you!


  2. Diana,

    So true! Our nation is ready to move forward with him in command.

    Peace, possibility and abundance,

  3. Mike – beautifully said and written.

  4. Kelly,

    Welcome and thank you for the kind words.

    Peace, possibility and abundance,

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  6. Moving forward from this point on is important. We just need to understand it took almost 20 years for our economy to get this bad and it will take time to recover. No one can perform miracles.

  7. Davida,

    You are right. But this is an important point of hope. And hope is a step in the right direction!


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