Miracle on the Hudson – another Moment of Truth.

A soft landing on the Hudson River. 100+ people with not one casualty. Certainly seems like a miracle. One witness even said it took him a while to realize there was something wrong because the pilot landed so smoothly on the water.

Heroes. The pilot is being called a hero. I wholeheartedly agree. Earlier I read a speech given back in April of last year by a guy named Jim Steiner called ‘The View of a 90-Year-Old Man.’ In it he speaks to a cabbie from Yemen who loves America but feels that we don’t choose our heroes well. That they are based on celebrate their celebrity and take joy in their failures. Those are our heroes? How about we carve out a space for someone like this pilot.

I believe we all have moments of truth that recenter us to what’s really important. Call them Wake-Up Calls, epiphanies, near misses, moments of appreciation,…they remind of us what’s possible in our lives and create the sense of urgency to remind us that life is a gift, every day counts and we need to get started.

I think of those 100+ people that were on that plane. All the thoughts that ran through their head. What they would have missed if they hadn’t made it.

They were given the gift of another day. They just got the chance to rewrite their tomorrow. I wonder what they’re going to do with it?

You don’t need a near-death experience to wake up to what’s possible in your personal and professional life! Pretend you were one of those passengers. Take this as your moment of truth and set off on that course today!

Miracle on the Hudson (image from

Miracle on the Hudson (image from

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