Friday the 13th – how lucky!

Friday the 13th is this week! 

Want to hear something odd?  There is a Friday the 13th next month too!!

What a GREAT DAY!!  I LOVE Friday the 13th!

For some, unlucky.

For me, I’ve always had a good relationship with 13. The house I grew up in was 13 (although the original owners changed it to 11 1/2 because they were superstitious. I always told my neighbor it was because we owned half of his house too! 😉 ). My baseball uniform number for a while was 13. My current house is 31 (13 backwards.)

And it looks like it has rubbed off on my daughter too. Her desk number at school is 13 and it seemed like the number on every car she went on when we went to Hershey Park was #13 as well.

For me, Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day.

So it is really unlucky, or lucky? Or do you create your prophecy by what you believe?

I believe it is the latter – that you create your own relationship with the event or situation; that you are not merely a victim of a predisposed outcome.

Do bad things happen on Friday the 13th?  Certainly.

Do these same things happen on other days as well? Of course they do.

But which is more a more likely to be stated:

   “I’m sorry to hear you got into a minor car accident.” 
   “Well it was Friday the 13th so I knew something bad was
     going to happen that day”


   “I’m sorry to hear that you got into a minor car accident”
   “Well it was Sunday the 1st so I knew something bad was
     going to happen that day”

Which is the cause and which the effect?

Many times, it is just a shift in perspective that opens up a lot of possibility for people. 

This shift in perspective is something I work on with my clients all the time.

For example, I recently had a client who was pushing back because she had 6 phone calls to make. 

She said, “I will try to talk to three other managers and I will also try to approach three professionals. Whew-that seems like a lot. That is six people. I have my work cut out for me. I’m not sure if I can do that…” On and on.  Six calls felt like a mountain. Who has time to make six calls?

Here was my response:

“Instead of making only 6 calls, make 25 calls this week!”


She thought about it and then did the math.  “For 6 calls, at 5 – 10 minutes a call that can be less than an hour in total!”

All of a sudden, 6 calls didn’t seem like so much, especially when compared to 25 calls.  I asked her how making only 6 calls felt now, and her reply was, “6 calls will NOT be that hard.”

Funny how that shift in perspective completely changes your relationship with the situation.

Notice that NOTHING CHANGED! She is still making 6 calls!  When compared to nothing, it felt big.

 When compared to a much larger number, all of the sudden it came back into perspective.

Try it yourself.  Next time you’re complaining or about to give up because you’ve tried to speak with a client 3 times and got no response (insert your own example here) , declare that for this (client), it normally takes 15 calls before you get one returned. You’ve only done 3!

How does that change your relationship with what you’ve done so far? All of the sudden, 3 calls isn’t such a big deal and you’ve got some work to do!

Yes, Friday the 13th is a GREAT day! 

How do I know?  Because I choose it to be.

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