Sharing a Random Hug

Just got back from a quick trip to pick up some ice cream at my local 24 hour General Store.  Nice little place – reminds me of the tiny bodegas I use to see when I lived in NYC.

Anyway, as I went to pay, a nice little old lady was in front of me paying for her things, counting out the change – ‘thirteen dollars and ten cents, eleven, twelve, and thirteen cents’ she said as she grabbed the pennies out of her small purse.

She looked at me and I smiled and asked her how she was doing.  She said ‘OK, I guess. Considering how old I am…’  To which I replied that every day is a gift.

She started telling me how she was ‘just this high’ when the first real depression came, and how she remembered men walking with their wheelbarrows trying to sell their things, farmers lined up with their vegetables, and someone who died because it was so cold and they had no heat.  She got lost in her memories and shook her head slowly back and forth.

We chatted a bit more, I paid for my things, wished her a good night and headed out. But then my friend Liz randomly walked into the little store and greeted me with a warm hug. We chatted for a few seconds and as I was turning once again to leave, the older women said ‘Can I have a hug before you leave?’

‘Of course,’ I replied and proceeded to give her a nice hug, hoping that for the rest of the evening, it would keep her as warm as it made me.

Are you ready to share a hug with a stranger?  In fact, you give yourself a gift! 

Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Donna says:

    Awesome share…thank you! Of course, I’m the Queen of Hugs so I totally get this. Last week, I met a new contact at Starbucks. As she and I were walking to our table, 2 of her colleagues walked in and they hugged warmly. One looked at me and said, “Well, you don’t me so I suppose you won’t hug me?” ….”Nonsense, I said. I’m Italian . . I hug everybody!” and we all proceeded to have one big HugFest in the middle of Starbuck’s! It made everyone smile and laugh. Share a Hug, Share a Smile . . . it will make all the difference!!

  2. Donna–It is a wonderful feeling to connect with people on that level! Thank you for sharing your story with me! ~~Mike

  3. This is a great story, Mike. Thank you so much for sharing about patience, kindness, and small acts that can make your day.

  4. Nicola–She did make my day. One small moment. It was great. ~~Mike

  5. Mike,
    I came across your post on my linked in updates. What a wonderful post and what a wonderful blog you have. I can see that you are still the same warm and inspiring person you were back in our Amex days. Hope you are well.


  6. Vanessa,

    Wonderful to hear from you again. I have missed your friendship. ~~Mike

  7. LuAnn says:

    Sometimes my co-workers will hug staff coming in for the next shift. My family was never that into hugs. I feel left out sometimes.

  8. LuAnn,

    Sounds like you have overcome your past and built a strong future! Good for you.


  9. Jeanne Licurse says:

    Dear Mike,

    My favorite part is your inspiring story about your family boxing up meals for others. It was brilliant and beautiful and I bet your children will pass this little legacy along to your grandchildren some day! Bravo Mike.
    By the way, if you can’t hug everyone a sweet smile goes a long way too.
    My best, Jeanne

  10. Jeanne,

    It is a memory we will both hold dear for many years!

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