Walking Your Talk: Finding Inner Strength

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”–Mahatma Gandhi

One month after a New Year’s Resolution, most people have moved back into their comfort zone to abandon their authentic living goals as unrealistic.  While it may seem like the things you want to accomplish are overwhelming, it might be a simple issue of timing.  For example, should you ask yourself why did you pick January to change your life?  Is it because that is the time when society tells us that we should make a new start?  We love clean beginnings and endings.  Out with the old.  In with the new!  Right?

Well, what if we think of the opportunity to Rewrite Your Tomorrow as a form of loving yourself enough to ignite your passion to live your life the way you have always wanted to live?  In the most popular month for sharing love and feelings of passion, this is the perfect time to find inner strength in yourself and commit to the changes that will bring you fulfillment and true dedication to your life’s goals.

Here are some suggestions to finding the inner strength you need to re-commit to your New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Love Yourself.  Understand that your path to your goal is a process with steps to completion.  Loving and accepting yourself TODAY (even if there are things you’d like to change) will shift your perspective away from making yourself wrong, to one where you deserve to have the life you want.  Hey – why not you?  Once you’ve embraced yourself and your right to live a life you love, you will be more empowered to create a real commitment to Rewrite Your Tomorrow.
  2. Don’t Make Excuses.  It is easy to round up and say, “I will start tomorrow” or “next week is soon enough!”  If you make excuses on why today is not the best day to start, then you will always find reasons.  Too little time, too much to do.  If not you, who? If not now, when?  Get going.
  3. Give Yourself a Break.  Change is scary. We have to give up what’s familiar and comfortable – even if we know it’s not good for us.  Realize that lasting change is not an easy, overnight dream come true.  Every successful change requires you to work to really feel the power of achievement.  So, when it gets hard and you need a little break, plan a treat into your schedule to celebrate your successes and give you motivation to keep going.
  4. Don’t Abandon Ship.  By accepting responsibility for your actions and being honest about your reasons for acting as you did, you will be better prepared for the next time you want to stray from your dedication.  Excuses are a slippery slope of not dealing with the reality of a situation.  Be honest with yourself in order to learn, move past the mistake and start again!
  5. Get Going Again.  Many times one small misstep leads to a long downward spiral.  Accept your slips as just that…small errors.  You can even celebrate your mistakes and hurdles, because once you have identified them, they can be overcome.  Remember, you know where you want to go, you just may need some support to get there.  So, build yourself a support network, recommit to your vision and goals and get moving again.
  6. Take Smaller Bites.  Someone once said it was better to have small successes than ambitious failure.  Break your efforts into small, digestible milestones and build some positive momentum.  It is hard to think of trekking uphill, both ways in the snow (although my dad swears he did it barefoot to get to school every day. Yours too?)   But, when you walk along the path one step at a time, pretty soon you can look back and realize how far you’ve actually come.  So, give yourself credit for the mileage you’ve tallied and enjoy the progress instead of dreading every step.

Welcome back to the intentions you set for yourself this year. Change might be difficult, but when you think of your progress as a well-deserved Labor of Love then it will be easier to stay focused and committed on your path to accomplishing the changes you want to have in your life.  To paraphrase Gandhi, strength comes from willpower.  Make your will to succeed stronger than your fear or doubt and you will be on your way to a great year!

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