Too old? I don’t think so…

Claude Choules published a book about his life entitled “The Last of the Last”.  What’s interesting about that isn’t the fact that he recalls times learning to surf in South Africa, buying cigarettes for a penny a pack, or seeing the first car ever driven through his Australian village.

What’s impressive is that he published this book when he was 108 years old.

Many times as I’m helping my clients explore new possibilities for their careers and/or their lives, I am often hit with the “I’m too old for that” excuse which feels very real to them.

OK, so maybe your dream of being a professional baseball player has slipped past, but that doesnt mean there arent infinite other opportunities that await you.

As people are working longer into their 60s and beyond, even in your 40s and 50s you may have decades of active worklife in front of you (for better or worse).  If you can broaden your perspective beyond what’s immediately in front of you, you may find that developing new skills, going back to school part time, or getting certified in something new is not only possible, but a great way to disrupt your time running in place on the hamster wheel.

When you view a 20 year horizon, a two year program still leaves plenty of time to reap the benefits of that investment of time, money and energy.

The biggest advice?  Charles said the secret to long life was to ‘keep breathing’ but his children said that in his heart he believed it was love of his family that kept him going for so many years.

C. Choules, 110, last WWI combat vet | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/06/2011.


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