What Makes Your Life Worth Living?

Founder Mike Jaffe:

“What makes my life worth living? Big hugs from my kids; playing tickle monster in the living room; a warm embrace from my wife; kissing them all goodnight and singing the kids to sleep to Neil Young’s ‘Sugar Mountain’.

“The pride and wonder on my clients’ faces when their results unfold; an authentic and intimate conversation with anyone; a group laugh that causes stomach cramps and tears; appreciating expressions of courage and effort despite the results; hitting the sweet spot of anything.

“Live acoustic music; street fairs; a lit fire on a snowy evening; a cold beer and a cool breeze in a hammock on a hot beach; a good ski run; a mountain or ocean view; feeling fit, flexible and rested; having friends and family that I love, and knowing that I am loved in return. I couldn’t live any other way.”

What about you?

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