Living Powerfully means…(your answer here)

As we move ahead and start playing at a bigger level ourselves (have to drink your own Kool-Aid to stay in integrity) the team and I posted this question to our social media channels.

Insight #1: When I posted it as a series of questions (see this post:, the only thing I heard was crickets. Not a single response.

Then my Social Media guru, Ruth Sheahan (quick plug for her – she’s great! told me it wouldn’t work and she was right.

So we posted it as a single question as stated in the title of this post and the answers started rolling in.

Here are some of the answers we’ve received so far:

Living Powerfully means…

  • Committing. Fully commit to what you want, and stop at nothing to get there. 🙂
  • Spending (at least a few) moments in the moment.
  • living your truth
  • being unstoppable. What gets in the way of being unstoppable? Emotion!
  • Being truthful to yourself and others!
  • Believing in yourself and what you know…

We even received a poem that someone wrote:

Speak softer
View the world kinder
Pause for beauty longer
Breathe the air deeper

Help a fellow traveler
Seek a chance to matter
Create something new
Improve the world

The present becomes
Yesterday tomorrow
Make a vibrant memory
And hold it close today

Amazing how the simple wording of the question changed it all. Same holds true regarding our perspective on how we see the world. A slight shift in perspective can make all of the difference. More on that to come.

For now, what’s your answer to the question Living Powerfully means…?

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  1. Susan Peel says:

    Living Powerfully means being a positive influence, making a difference.
    Living Powerfully means becoming the outer rings of the ripple you make in the world.

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