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Author Mike Jaffe Offers Readers A Unique And Inspiring Tale And 5 Principles To LIVE LIFE MORE POWERFULLY With The Release of WakeUp! Your Life Is Calling In Stores And Online Today

Jaffe uses humor, insight and his own brush with tragedy on 9/11 to help others Live Powerfully

Great Barrington, MA – May 23, 2012 – In this thought-provoking guide to creating the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted, life coach and world-class speaker Mike Jaffe will walk you through the five essential principles for rewriting your tomorrow. He makes it clear why it’s so important to climb out of that quicksand known as “things are fine” and creates a sense of urgency for you to own your path fully. He’ll challenge your perception of “the truth” and significantly expand the universe of what you believe is possible. In doing so, you’re going to WAKE UP parts of you that have been dormant, hiding, or “playing too small” to fully serve you. You’ll learn to ultimately persist through the challenges until you create the life you desire, not “someday”, but today.

Five Guiding Principles for Rewriting Your Tomorrow

Perspective – Living life more powerfully begins with a shift in perspective – a wakeup call.  You will realize that to get the life you really want, you can’t wait around until tomorrow; you must start today.  Do something now!

Purpose – You have unique strengths, interests, and desires.  What are they?  What do they look like?  Find your purpose and you will be another step closer to living your extraordinary life – Find the meaning!

Play – Playing happens when you take an intention and turn it into action.  It’s in that action of playing that your life grows and starts to become extraordinary.  You go from not knowing to knowing – from seeing the world with limited opportunities to seeing the world and its boundless possibilities.  Just play!

Plan – Your action plan is your road map to success.  Small steps lead to big changes.  Use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-limited)goals to move you toward your vision and daily, weekly, and monthly action steps to help you reach those goals.  Bit by bit, your life will move from fine to extraordinary.  Take small bites!

Persist – Keep the effort going with continued courage and patience.  Move through distraction, fear, uncertainty, and interruptions and create time for your plan.  Use your support network to cheer you on and keep you accountable.  Take action everyday!

Wake Up! Your Life Is Calling recounts Jaffe’s decision to make changes in his life in order to spend more time with his family, all leading to a near-fatal brush with tragedy on September 11, 2001.  Jaffe takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and eventually empowerment whereby they take control of their lives and take the steps to maximize their life experience and work performance.

According to the author, everyone has the ability to begin living a more powerful life, each individual simply needs to commit to making changes, starting immediately.  “I wake you up to new possibilities so you can unlock your potential and live powerfully, starting today,” states Jaffe.

“An immensely enjoyable and valuable read for anyone seeking sage advice in navigating today’s rapidly changing world,” says Nancy Newman, Vice President, Sales Communication & Training, a leading Fortune 500 company.

WakeUp! Your Life Is Calling ($19.95, AuthorHouse Publishing, November, 2011, ISBN 978-1-4670-6451-4) is a detailed step-by-step guide that inspires and instructs readers through personal stories, proven strategies, and targeted exercises structured to unlock their potential and allow people to think bigger, play bigger, and live bigger.

About Mike Jaffe Company:

The Mike Jaffe Company helps people Live Powerfully. Through our programs and services,people reignite their Focus, Confidence and Energy to bring an “anything is possible” attitude to their personal and professional lives. By being unstoppable and continuously striving for growth and wisdom, they start living life on their own terms.

About Mike Jaffe:

Following a successful 20-year career in the corporate world, Mike Jaffe experienced his own transformative WakeUp call, and in the years since has shared his compelling story with thousands as a leading business coach, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer.  By using his own brush with tragedy as a message of self-discovery and empowerment, Mike serves as The Human WakeUp Call® and inspires others to transform their lives and Live Powerfully.  As the founder of the Mike Jaffe Company, he takes his unique approach and rare insight to support his clients in dramatically increasing their business and enhancing the quality of their lives.  Mike’s extensive client list includes global organizations like Yahoo!, Prudential, NCR, GE Capital, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pernod Ricard, among others.

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