Being Different Or Making A Difference; There Is A Difference

John_Arnold. 09opt125John Arnold is a good friend and one of the top Mike Jaffe Coaches on my team.

He wrote a great article “Being Different Or Making A Difference; There Is A Difference” as a guest blogger on Ed Chaffin’s blog. Ed is another great guy and has a very interesting perspective on Leadership, called UnCommon Leadership.

Here’s the beginning:

Have you ever had someone tell you they are simply different and expect you to “get it”? They cannot understand why you do not “get them” at all. Whether it is a friend, co-worker or partner you are expected to simply accept their quirks. While many of us certainly understand this personality trait, there is a big difference between being different and making a difference.

When you think about those people who have made a difference in your life, their impact is, more often than not, life changing. Compare that to people who have focused on being different because it suits their own agenda. They put way too much energy into being different, standing out to just stand out, possibly because they need the attention. How did that experience feel for you?

Enjoy John’s full post here:

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