Healthy Body, Healthy Life

WellnessWheelweb_optAs I last posted, as part of the journey to health and wellness, I am leading a virtual challenge group of 14 men on this ride with me. I was anticipating challenge in getting 5 to 7 guys so I couldn’t believe it when almost every person I asked was psyched to join. Definitely hit a need here.

We are working out and increasing our nutritional intake. But more important than looking better for the beach this summer, I want these guys to understand the bigger picture and the benefits that having a healthy body will provide to all of their life. The positive energy will spill over into their careers and their relationships – the other two key legs of the stool, so to speak.

Here is an excerpt from a recent Daily Om that summed it up perfectly:

“Taking care of our bodies gives us the strength and energy to deal with anything that arises in our lives. Exhaustion is often a sign that we are working too hard and not listening to the needs of our bodies. When our bodies are tired, the rest of our work suffers, since in order to get things done we draw from our energetic reserves. Even though we might think that what we are doing will be beneficial for us, in the long run we only wear ourselves down. Instead of using up our energy, it is important for us to find healthy healing and positive ways to replenish it. Being good to your body today will give you the energy to meet all of your needs in a positive and affirming way.”  (This article is printed from DailyOM – Inspirational thoughts for a happy, healthy and fulfilling day.Register for free at

In the first 10 days of our challenge, we’ve lost more than 40 pounds as a group. Just as importantly, the energy, momentum, support, confidence, strength and even fun, have soared.

So…how can you be good to your body today?

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