The 9-11 Memorial in Tewksbury M

I want to thank the members of REA for inviting me to speak at their annual banquet last night. You were a wonderful group and we had some insightful and powerful discussions! Remember, Living Powerfully is a Choice and you have everything you need to get started!

So…what did you put yourself on the hook for? Today is the day after- today is the key. We created great intentions last night, and, did you turn those intentions into action today? Even when your life shows up – the phone rings, the emails pour in, your colleagues need you, your family beckons, on and on. All great excuses to use a “YEAH, BUT” to not do what you committed to doing for yourself.

But it will be different this time, right?

Also, many thanks for letting my wife and I know about that beautiful memorial in Tewksbury, MA. We visited it today and I was very touched. I posted a bunch of pictures on my facebook page. (

Hope to see you all again.

– Mike


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