You need to be less productive!

Great insight came out of a client coaching session I had this morning. He was so structured that he was becoming a prisoner of his own need to have structure to define his day, his tasks, his habits, his week, and on it went.

As he is a biker, through discussion we acknowledged that even when you stop peddling and coast, you are still moving forward. Not only that, but coasting allows you to replenish and regenerate your much needed energy and focus – even though it is quite easy to judge that time as ‘unproductive’.
You cant coast all the time, you will not move. But by creating opportunities to ‘not do’, you will actually ‘do’ more.

So, where do you need to be more unproductive in your life/work?

2 Responses to “You need to be less productive!”

  1. Steven Kuschner says:

    I am engaging on a six month sabbatical from working in the mundane and instead am engaging in a journey that has brought me possibilities out in the world. My imagination says it is about time and I say it is about making the best use of time. What a reward to give to my family and myself. Hope there is much more than what I can imagine on the road to discover.

  2. Mike Jaffe says:

    Fantastic Steven. The wisdom and perspective you return with will shift the rest of your life.

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