About the Mike Jaffe Company

What exactly is The Human WakeUp Call®?


About the Mike Jaffe CompanyAs a business and personal coach, I love supporting professionals in dramatically increasing their business and enhancing the quality of their life.

Most are looking for what I call Gentle Fire. They want a jumpstart, that boost of energy, increased confidence, more personal power and strength, all with a lot of support and encouragement.

They want to reach that goal, get that promotion, write that book, make those changes, whatever is most important to them.

As The Human WakeUp Call®, I help them wake up their potential, get them to take inspired and courageous action, and live their life powerfully, and on their terms, without losing another precious day.

Our Mission

At The Mike Jaffe Company our mission is to serve as The Human WakeUp Call® for others – waking up their potential and getting them to take inspired and courageous action, to live their life powerfully and on their terms, without losing another precious day.

The Wake-Up Vision

  • Our vision is to have 1 million people join the WakeUp Revolution and wake up their potential and live powerfully. We want one million of you to rewrite your tomorrow so you look back and say “Wow! What a ride!” at the end of your journey, instead of looking back with regret and sorrow saying “If only…” or “I wish I had…”
  • Our vision is to remind a generation of overworked, overstructured, overloaded, overinformed, overstimulated and overwhelmed people (you included!) that there is a tremendous cost to living this way.
  • Our vision is that decency, honesty, authenticity, humility, generosity and community become part of the vernacular again and are not equated to weakness, failure or a lack of ambition.
  • Our vision is to spread this awareness today, NOW, so we can all stop living like we have endless tomorrows, and stop waiting for a ‘some day’ that will never come! So we can recalibrate and remember what is really important, what our core values are. So we can breathe again.

Life is about possibility. When you start to gain mastery over your self, you gain control and purpose over your life. When you declare an intention and put positive energy out to the world, the world responds back in kind and supports you. It’s time for you to join the revolution!


Life is a gift to be mastered. Here are a few more of our core values:

  • We all still have a lot to discover about ourselves, including our interests, preferences, talents and passions.
  • When you are in a safe, trusting space, you have the freedom to explore, play and uncover things that can shift your perspective and broaden your horizons.
  • Small, incremental changes lead to profound results when done consistently.
  • These changes, when driven by clear goals, a well-defined plan, intention and commitment, lead to extraordinary results in a relatively short period of time.
  • When you declare an intention and put positive energy out to the world, the world responds back in kind and supports you.
  • Much of our fears and concerns are not fact-based, but emotionally-driven. If we’re going to invent all of this drama, why not make up something that empowers us instead?
  • We need to balance saving and planning for tomorrow with living for today; too much of either is imbalanced.
  • It is so important to understand yourself, embrace yourself and not be afraid to BE yourself.

Our Philosophy of Gentle Fire

As trained professional coaches, we listen, reflect, inquire, probe, give perspectives, share our experiences and provide structure, options and insights. If we hear something in your voice or notice something seems ‘off’, we’re likely to ask you about it and even probe a little bit. Often, it is these small moments and reflections that bring about the BIGGEST shifts! We call it Gentle Fire – a delicate combination of nurture and motivation.

What makes your life worth living?

Founder Mike Jaffe:

“What makes my life worth living? Big hugs from my kids; playing tickle monster in the living room; a warm embrace from my wife; kissing them all goodnight and singing the kids to sleep to Neil Young’s “Sugar Mountain”.

“The pride and wonder on my clients’ faces when their results unfold; an authentic and intimate conversation with anyone; a group laugh that causes stomach cramps and tears; appreciating expressions of courage and effort despite the results; hitting the sweet spot of anything.

“Live acoustic music; street fairs; a lit fire on a snowy evening; a cold beer and a cool breeze in a hammock on a hot beach; a good ski run; a mountain or ocean view; feeling fit, flexible and rested; having friends and family that I love, and knowing that I am loved in return. I couldn’t live any other way.”

What about you?
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