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Become a Mike Jaffe Company Affiliate and help others WakeUp and Live Powerfully!

Help spread the inspiration and earn up to 30% commissions as a Mike Jaffe Company (MJC) Affiliate when you refer sales of our popular Products including Mike’s new book, WAKEUP! Your Life is Calling, and our inspirational series of eBooks and Audios, with more products coming soon!

The Mike Jaffe Company is in the life-changing business. Our mission is to serve as a Human WakeUp Call®™ for others, waking them up to the potential their lives possess.

That means inspiring, empowering and motivating them so they can begin to make the small changes in their lives that enable them to break free of their complacency, limiting beliefs and inactivity and live an authentic life that they’ve designed, on their terms!

As a Mike Jaffe Company Affiliate, you receive:

  • CASH – Up to 30% commissions on product sales you’ve referred through your affiliate link
  • SUPPORT – Easy-to-use Product banners tied to your unique affiliate links to share on your website and social pages and in your e-newsletter and communications with your database
  • COLLATERAL – Plug-and-play copy about the MJC for your newsletters, web site or emails to make it easy to get your contacts excited about what MJC offers
  • COMMUNICATIONS – Special updates about MJC events, new products, and other relevant news.

Registering as an affiliate is easy, and we supply all the materials and information you need to communicate clearly and professionally about Mike Jaffe Company Products and Events.

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Five reasons to become a Mike Jaffe Company Affiliate:

  1. Become a useful resource to your friends, family, clients, employees and database by linking them to products and services you believe in
  2. Get rewarded for your referrals
  3. Free web banners and artwork makes it easy to spread the word about Mike Jaffe Company products and events
  4. Increase your reputation as a knowledgeable authority when you refer your contacts to verified resources that make their lives better
  5. It’s an easy way to show your support for a program that supports other people at all stages of their lives

For technical questions about the Mike Jaffe Company affiliate program, please contact