You need to be less productive!

Great insight came out of a client coaching session I had this morning. He was so structured that he was becoming a prisoner of his own need to have structure to define his day, his tasks, his habits, his week, and on it went. As he is a biker, through discussion we acknowledged that even […]

We did it! Our new book is #1 on Amazon!

 Ready, Aim, Inspire! Hits#1 Bestseller!  WOW! We did it! What an incredible book launch! Thank you so much for all of your support! Thanks to YOU… Our book went #1 Bestseller in three Amazon Categories in the USA! Our book went #1 Bestseller in three Amazon Categories in Canada! Our book went #3 Bestseller in one […]


THANK YOU RAYTHEON EMPLOYEE ASSOCIATION I want to thank the members of REA for inviting me to speak at their annual banquet last night. You were a wonderful group and we had some insightful and powerful discussions! Remember, Living Powerfully is a Choice and you have everything you need to get started! So…what did you […]

Yes Gustave is back again..(huh?)

(This is a blog post from someone who recently attended my talk at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA. Beautiful place, great audience, perfect night. @Amy Allara – thanks for sharing your experience. – Mike) The most glorious moments in your life are not the so-called days of success,  but rather those days when out of […]


  I love this because it is not just about the easy and happy experiences but also includes the challenges and even pain we all must face which helps us develop, get stronger, more resilient, find our voice, and get clear on what is really important to us.

Powerful definition of success

The only way to FAIL is to give up! Or, not even try.

Healthy Body, Healthy Life

As I last posted, as part of the journey to health and wellness, I am leading a virtual challenge group of 14 men on this ride with me. I was anticipating challenge in getting 5 to 7 guys so I couldn’t believe it when almost every person I asked was psyched to join. Definitely hit […]

Walking My Talk – My Journey to Health and Fitness

As I tell anyone who’ll listen, it is great to be in the Life-Changing business. I am proud to be a nationally-recognized inspirational and motivational speaker, seminar leader, business and personal coach, and author. As you may already know, I’m also a 9/11 survivor who has transformed my own life, and now I serve as […]

Being Different Or Making A Difference; There Is A Difference

John Arnold is a good friend and one of the top Mike Jaffe Coaches on my team. He wrote a great article “Being Different Or Making A Difference; There Is A Difference” as a guest blogger on Ed Chaffin’s blog. Ed is another great guy and has a very interesting perspective on Leadership, called UnCommon […]

Am I Smarter than a 9th Grader?

On Monday I gave a talk to two of the local high schools during their district’s Freshman Career Day. Normally, I am excited before a talk. Sometimes a little nervous, but for some reason, I was more nervous than usual and this was merely a bunch of 14 and 15 year olds for about 20 […]