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Your business is successful, but are you enjoying it as much as you used to?

Business Consulting

Many times we drown in the details of running our business and we lose touch with why we started it in the first place. This may lead to resenting or even completely disliking our business.

Here’s how our business consulting will help:

Lead Your Company, Don’t Let it Lead You.
If you’re afraid that your company will all come crumbling down if you don’t continue at the pace you’re going, it’s time to rethink your approach. Working way too many hours and missing the other parts of your life is not the answer. Burning out isn’t going to help you, your employees, your customers, or your family. Together we look at ways to better utilize your existing resources and find new ones so that you work smarter, not harder and do the things you want to do like taking that vacation you’ve been dreaming of!

Position Your Company For Growth.
There will always be new challenges such as increased competition, retaining and getting new customers and the need for loyal, quality employees. We support you in leading your company through the growing pains of building a successful business. Whether it is increasing your personal performance, your employees’ productivity or revisiting your strategies for growth, we can help!

Create A Team To Sustain The Business In Your Absence.
You cannot do it all! Having a solid business plan, executed by motivated, loyal people who are able to communicate and lead effectively is a formula for success. Let us support you in being an authentic, powerful leader and coach your team to success!

Surge Ahead With A WakeUp Call!
Are you “successful” but unhappy, afraid to make a needed change? Staying attached to a lifestyle or the labels of success has a cost. It often requires the keen eye of an outsider to point out your blind spot and introduce you to new possibilities. For some of us, being challenged with the right questions is all that is needed to change old thinking and behavior. For others, only pointed, direct feedback will spur us to change. Our coaches have the ability to ask difficult questions, as well as make challenging statements to push you to consider new alternatives.

Small Business Owners – Don’t Go It Alone!
Small Business Owners wear many hats… on any given day you function as a CEO, Sales and Marketing Director, Human Resource Manager, Facilities Manager, Bookkeeper or Chief Babysitter (and we’re not talking about your children!) Being a business owner can be very isolating and having a sounding board, mentor and coach to bounce things off of is just a small part of what a coach will do for you.

Together we work on the following:

  • Develop the faith and courage in yourself to overcome the ‘grip’ of the status quo.
  • Travel less – replacing business trips with technology, and learn how to build and manage virtual teams.
  • Adhere to the boundaries you set for work time and personal time – know your priorities and where you will compromise versus what is non-negotiable – how to make yourself unavailable without hurting your work results.
  • More time productive – create a time management system so you’re not always overwhelmed and are able to get some time back.
  • Succession planning – we help successful business owners start thinking and planning for the next chapters of their lives.

We help small business owners build and grow their companies, increase profits, improve employee satisfaction and productivity all while recovering a sense of balance in their own lives.

When it’s time for a new and effective approach…

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