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  I love this because it is not just about the easy and happy experiences but also includes the challenges and even pain we all must face which helps us develop, get stronger, more resilient, find our voice, and get clear on what is really important to us.

Powerful definition of success

The only way to FAIL is to give up! Or, not even try.

Today’s Daily Om (repost) on Common Courtesy

Small Gestures Make a Big Difference Common Courtesy by Madisyn Taylor Common courtesy is a small gesture that makes a big difference and should be practiced as often as possible.We often feel that we don’t have the time or energy to extend ourselves to others with the small gestures that compose what we call common […]

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude Napkins Frank’s Diner was once an energized, thriving business, a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike in the scenic New England town of York Beach Maine.  But when the economy hit a brick wall, Frank found it more and more difficult to hold onto his trademark, cheerful smile. One day, Frank caught a glimpse […]

Never too old – an inspiration at 99

Just wanted to share a short video of my wife’s grandfather. Nono Beppi Serenading his Woman He is 99 years old and still going strong. in this video he is serenading his young wife (91) on their 70th wedding anniversary. I think I’m going to start taking naps after lunch, have a shot of Grappa […]


Say ‘I Love You’ to those you love. Say it with intention.


Spend TIME with loved ones. They won’t be around forever. You will never FIND time. You must CREATE it within your busy life.


Say a KIND word to one who looks up at you in awe. It leaves a mark!

When and Why versus How

Just started re-reading Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”. As I started past the front cover, a curiosity crept up regarding when he wrote this. If you aren’t familiar with the book, it’s about the years he spent enduring the horrors of living in Nazi death camps during the holocaust and how humanity continued to […]


Give a WARM hug to the one next to you. (It’s a treasure that doesn’t cost you a cent)