Coaching ‘Laws’ We Live By

Commitments we bring to every engagement.

At MJC, we have a deeply-rooted commitment we bring to every coaching engagement project:

  • We are a team. Together, we will work hard to discover and develop your unique sense of purpose and mission for your life, career and business, based on your special mix of goals, needs, desires, and life situation.
  • Our partnership is a top priority for us. You are hiring us because you are committed to making meaningful changes in your life – even if you don’t yet know what those changes are. You may not have a clue! But you do know that something in your life has to change and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves to identify those changes and take the steps needed to get started on that path.
  • The power of coaching happens when you take action. As certified professional coaches, we will listen, reflect, inquire, probe, give perspectives, share our own experiences, and provide structure, options and insights. We will support you in being committed to setting goals and taking action, we will prepare you to be open to all kinds of potential outcomes, and we will focus you on not being attached to a specific result or single way of getting there so you can stay flexible during the ups and down of the ride.
  • Our conversation is ‘safe space.’ This is extremely important because we want you to be open with us (and with yourself!) about how you are really feeling, what happened since we last spoke, and what you really and truly want for your life and your career, without fear of judgment or blame!
  • The Client’s View

    Clients hire us because they are committed to making meaningful changes in their personal and professional lives and businesses – even if they don’t yet know what those specific changes are.

    Clients become our partners. We guide them through the process, but our coaching relationship is always about their agenda.

    Clients make our sessions a priority. They know the value of accountability – and the danger of complacency.

    Clients commit to doing their assignments and taking action. Sometimes they hit a wall that prevents them from completing their assignments and that is ok because it presents an opportunity for growth and breakthrough.

    Clients own their results. We are committed to our clients achieving results and having each session be meaningful. Likewise, our clients take responsibility for creating value and results for themselves.

    Clients provide feedback. See Raving Fans for some of their comments about our work.

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