Highlights of Our Business IMPACT Coaching Program

Accomplish more, with fewer resources, in less time.

The Mike Jaffe Company Business IMPACT Coaching Program focuses on developing your individual needs with the overarching theme of helping you manage effectively through change. Significant focus is spent ensuring demonstrated impact of your newly learned and improved skills to benefit the business as well as your own personal and professional growth.

Often it is the small things that make the biggest impact! Together, using our Business IMPACT Coaching framework, we’ll enable you to breakthrough to a new level in your relationships, leadership ability, self-awareness and overall performance.

You’ll experience increased focus and energy, prevent burnout and manage stress in your work and life, master a new level of personal and professional accountability, and accomplish more with fewer resources in less time.

Coaching serves as a mini wakeup call each session, realigning you with your goals and values, re-establishing confidence and possibility, and redirecting you on your path to outstanding performance, productivity and satisfaction.

When it’s time to WakeUp your company’s potential…

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