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Products Mike Jaffe has helped thousands of people wake up to an empowered and authentic life! Now he shares his perspective, tools and guidance that will help you rewrite your tomorrow, today!

These products are designed to challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs. When you are ready to start creating the life you want, the lessons and steps in these products will help you get on that path. You’ll find tools, techniques, perspectives and suggestions that will direct you through the steps for designing and creating an extraordinary life for yourself.

WAKEUP! Your Life is Calling (Book)

WAKEUP! Your Life is Calling

In this thought-provoking guide to creating the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted, business and personal coach Mike Jaffe will challenge you to dramatically redesign your life.

Wake Up! Your Life Is Calling will get you there by inspiring you to:

  • expand your universe of what you believe is possible
  • develop the internal fire and vision to stop accepting a life that is “fine” and push for one that is truly extraordinary
  • succeed at higher levels, land your dream job, create that lasting relationship, and carve out time to achieve bigger goals.

Your life is waiting. Are you ready to dive in?

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