Raving Fans

What Clients are Saying…

Being in the life-changing business is a responsibility we take very seriously. The WakeUp Calls we’ve inspired have affected many people’s lives.

We are extremely grateful for the impact we’ve had and humbled to share some of the feedback we’ve received over the years:

Recent Comments

We cannot thank you enough for the guidance you gave us as well as our staff. The knowledge, enthusiasm and energy that you put forth created a better work environment which resulted in a better service platform. RMPG is a company that was founded on certain principles and those principles are at the core of what we deliver to our clients on a daily basis. You were instrumental in assisting us with the continued dedication to those principles while helping us mentor our newer employees as to the importance of them. From start to finish it was a wonderful experience and for that, we thank you.”
Liam Dunne, Managing Director, The Risk Management Planning Group, Inc.

Thanks for joining us for our annual Sales Conference. Your manager workshop on Wednesday really hit home with many of us. Our goal is to coach our team members to success. You provided us with a solid model and concrete examples of how to set the tone and get things done. I am sure that each of us will be using the tools you provided to connect, communicate and drive results.

You brought a different message to the full assembly on Thursday. I often talk about the importance of making good decisions. You reinforced that message and took it to a new level. Your delivery is sincere and heartfelt, which is what we needed. Of course, your humor had us laughing and that stamped your message into our minds. It was the right message at the right time for the right audience.

Please know that you made a difference at TDS. All the best!”
Matt Loch, Vice President – Commercial Sales, TDS Telecommunications Corp.

Mike has the unique ability to use every day, real life situations to wake you up and deliver his powerful message. His coaching workshop provided the solid base we were looking for to engage our managers to move from managing to coaching. The interaction, feedback and hands on approach lead to a productive afternoon followed by a keynote address to our general session empowering and waking up our teams. The power in his message provided insight into the balance of work and life proving that small steps lead to big change. We look forward to reinforcing Mike’s message throughout the coming year to motivate and inspire our organization.”
Christopher Washburn, Manager Sales Performance – Leadership Coach, TDS Telecommunications Corp.

Mike’s delivery of ‘ah-ha’ moments and engaging discussions created a truly powerful series of team meetings. The management teams were very receptive to Mike’s message and knowledge on how each individual’s thought processes cause them to respond differently to both familiar and stressful situations. Mike’s witty twist on real life scenarios made the comfort level for discussion easy for teams who work together in daily operations. We enjoyed having Mike work with our teams and look forward to our next year’s sessions!”
Bari Marchfeld, Director of Training, Lackmann Culinary Services

Mike is one of the most inspiring individuals that I have had the privilege of working with. When I hosted him on my Zef’s Zest TV show, I quickly learned how passionate he is in helping others take charge of their own lives. He is very authentic in the way he processes and delivers his message. Everything that he verbalizes is the way he actually lives his life.

I admire and respect Mike’s decision to continue sharing his personal 9/11 story and experience. It is truly humbling and that just clearly shows how much heart he has. Not many individuals can turn a trauma into something so empowering, but Mike did just that. It takes a lot of determination and focus. In fact, that experience led him to make a decision to change the course of his own life and also help others to do the same.

One of his famous lines that I keep hearing him repeat is ‘never settle for FINE!’ That’s one of Mike’s many empowering messages that I definitely resonate with. It’s the one thing that reminds me that I can do more than I think I can and Mike, thanks to you, I definitely will!”
Zef Zan, ‘High Tech, High Touch’ Marketing Strategist, Online TV Show Host, Speaker & Entrepreneur

On Mike’s Speaking Engagements

I wanted to let you know how helpful and inspiring the program was.”
John Radulski

Mike, thank you for the inspirational presentation last week. I left feeling like I could conquer the world.”
Tracy Wise, Account Executive – Hybrid Sales
MySpace.com | Fox Interactive Media

When you first meet or speak to Mike Jaffe, it becomes immediately apparent that you are experiencing someone that exists at a higher level than most. Sharp, determined, focused, passionate and direct yet poised, compassionate, warm and caring. Mike captivates when he speaks. He shares some unique life changing experiences that grip you to your core when he speaks of them. He describes how an historic event, which actually came in the aftermath of his own epiphany that he experienced within himself just hours before, made his own path that much clearer by the totality and finality of that event. His ability to help identify possibilities and lay out the steps necessary to achieve are key to anyone who would engage his assistance in finding one’s path. A true believer in the potentials of the individual as well as a visionary of a world that could be. I challenge anyone to engage with Mike and walk away with anything but a feeling of inspiration and a belief that you can do it! I recommend Mike without reservation.”
Dr. David Lipman, Co-Owner
David Craig Marketing

Mike left a swath of happy, energized people in his wake. He chose his attitude and infected those around him. Everyone who I saw him speak to walked away astonished at having received such positive feedback and encouragement about their own strengths and capabilities. This shouldn’t be such a rarity. It shouldn’t be reserved for actors and athletes and other people who perform in front of audiences. Everyone should experience adulation for what makes them great. So give this gift, and in the process, build your own positive, energized, passionate culture.”
Noah Blumenthal
President and Founder
Leading Principles, Inc

Mike resonated with me. Not only was I profoundly impacted by 9/11, but as a result am in the midst of creating a great deal of change in my life. Listening to Mike confirmed for me that I’m headed in the right direction, but also gave me some new tools and processes to use to continue on my path of change. I would encourage anyone seeking to create substantive and meaningful change to reach out to Mike.”
Lou Chrostowski
Consultant and Executive Coach, Karlin Sloan & Company

Mike’s contributions and involvement in last week’s off-site, helped created a truly powerful team meeting. The team was engaged; they were very open and receptive to Mike’s key note message and discussion. We played a lot that day, got to know each other, got vulnerable with each other and had a LOT of laughs. Overall I consider the event a success and Mike’s involvement on the first day really set that up.”
Dana Menaker, Sr. Director – Sales Enrichment & Training, North America Region

Thanks for opening their minds to help unlock their best professional and personal selves!”
Meredith Momoda, Director, Ad Solutions

Let me express my appreciation for the amazing experience of learning with you for a week. It was the most effectively facilitated workshop I have ever attended. You created an environment for every student, including me, to gain everything they possibly could from your instruction, the material and each other. You were a human wakeup call to me and I am grateful.”
Dr. Larry Mercer, Former President,
Washington Bible College

Mike was a fantastic speaker. He shared his inspiring story, then made the rest of the session all about the audience. His goal of getting people to think about life and start living it to the fullest immediately was definitely met. Mike’s down-to-earth attitude gave him an instant connection to the crowd and his follow up to those who asked for it was great. His encouraging message is one that will be remembered for a very long time! ”
Beth Pfister, Human Resources Manager/Training Specialist,
US Bankruptcy Court EDMO

Mike, thank you again for coming in yesterday. I don’t know if you have read today’s paper or not, but our football team won our first game in three years, and one of the players said in your session that he was going to win a game and they did! We are very excited as a school for them, so thanks for the inspiration.”
Kara Staunton-Shron, Library Media Specialist,
MonumentMountainRegionalHigh School

On Mike’s Workshops

Bar none the best ‘enrichment’ experience I’ve ever had professionally. The only thing I’d recommend is more of it!”
Mitch Kreuch, Senior Vice-President

Mike, you truly are using your gift every day making this world a better place… one person at a time. Blessings to you.”
Joy Woodruff, Panama City, FL

Thank you for an incredible, and enlivening experience, you are a master teacher.”
Karen S., Harrisburg, PA

Thanks for providing me with better understanding of how we think, enabling me to powerfully work through situations and emotions”
Brian C., Owner,
Personal Results Fitness, LLC.

I thought the presentation was really attuned. Mike was very insightful who really knows his stuff both in terms of the science, but more importantly, in how to relate it directly to me. Excellent!!”
Susan Emerson-Clapp, Office of Institutional Advancement
Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Hi Mike- You captured it beautifully.
We ended up having two extraordinarily productive days, and more than once the comment was made that the coaching contributed to our productivity. It was two pronged, we learned and everyone felt that an “investment” was being made in them.
Your presentation was masterful. You truly excel at what you do.”
Nancy Newman, Senior Vice President
Yahoo, Inc.

Thank you for a great session at our offsite. The feedback from our team was highly positive. We appreciate all the time you put into making this not only engaging and interesting session but providing benefit to the group on a personal and work based level.
Christine Alvarez, Vice President – Integrated Ad Sales Marketing
Discovery Networks

I wanted to make certain to tell you that your work has gotten tremendous positive feedback with the staff involved and the participants. You have had a great impact on some of the people that we think of as “unimpactable” in some ways. Thank you so much for doing this.”
Audrey Sparre, Vice President/COO
Interfaith Housing Association, Westport, CT

I have never been in another organization or situation where I felt like I did leaving a “Mike Jaffe Meeting” – I wanted to do more, do it at a higher level of performance and success and at the same time felt as though I was doing something truly important. That is the kind of leader and inspiration Mike is for others. His energy and optimism spills all over the people around him. He is supportive and nurturing, yet he holds us accountable for our own quality and performance. The results are passionate team members and managers, empowered teams and high-quality systems.”
Angela Zachary, Assistant Vice President – Global Enterprise Technology Group
Marsh Inc.

Mike, you did a real nice job leading the class. Your “real world” experiences and anecdotes were really helpful in pulling all the pieces together. Thank you for that! Lastly, thanks for all your support along the way. You really helped pull me through.
PG, Revitalization Coach, San Francisco CA.

On Business Coaching

Thanks for the much needed direction.”
James Beck, Founder and CEO
Synergy Corporate Technologies

Thank you for everything, your guidance has been great!”
Dave Towers, Managing Director
Avenue A – Razorfish, Los Angeles, CA

Working with Mike has helped me tremendously; I know my opportunities for improvement but more importantly for me he’s helped me see my strengths and how I can play bigger. All of us need help and support in our professional and personal journeys and I’m grateful that Mike’s been in my corner. If you’re an executive who wants to further explore your journey and have a coach along the way, I’d highly recommend turning to Mike for help and support.”
Vicki Znavor, Vice President – Continuous Improvement
Sara Lee

Thank you for a very organized and professional rollout of this process. It is obvious you understand that people are the backbone of our business and we need to spend our money on the best people available in these and all other positions. I am extremely thankful and excited for the energy and thoughtfulness you bring to us. Thank you.”
Carol Palmiotto, COO
Risk Management Planning Group

Mike Jaffe is a genuine leader with a proven track record. While working with Mike and his team, I was continuously blown away by their ability to partner up and work towards a common goal.”
Jeff Mard, Account Supervisor
TCS Promo

Mike is what you call an inspiration. During the time that Mike and I worked together, I felt I grew more than at any other period in my life. He is honest, loyal and truly an out of the box thinker-enabling even a super achiever like myself to find more hours in the day..but better yet find time for the important things I seemed to never have time for. As far as I am concerned there is no better coach in the business.”
Stephanie Haber, Loan Modification Processing,
Haber CC

Mike possesses the powerful combination of amazing business savvy, deep rooted core values, integrity and the gift for real transformation. He will take you on a journey from your core, breaking through boundaries you never thought possible. In my relationship with Mike, I have learned the true meaning of self-worth and with his guidance, have transformed my own business in a way I never thought possible. If you have the courage and curiosity to go on your own journey, beginning with your core, breaking through boundaries you never thought possible, then you must reach out to Mike.”
John S. Arnold, Executive Coach & Consultant, Partner
The Human Capital Group LLC

Friends and colleagues are not going to tell me everything they perceive about me even if the information could be helpful for me. Coaching sessions were helpful in discovering the aspects of myself that are invisible to me but are obvious to others.
We underestimate how differently other people see the same world, and we conveniently believe that our own perspectives are superior. These delusional beliefs turn into invisible obstacles in our own lives. It takes a particular kind of talent to snap us out of those delusions. I believe Mike Jaffe has that rare talent.
I often tell my friends about my own experience with Mike, and if any of them would feel inspired to do the same, I would certainly recommend him.”
Dyske Suematsu, Partner
Cycle Interactive, LLC

Mike – thank you for your support, you were right on! Thank you very much for all of the work you’ve been doing! I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done to help us understand and get some confidence. You really have been an inspiration!”
Former Director of Compliance, RMPG

Mike has an innate ability to show me ideas, perspectives and possibilities that I had not thought of on my own. He gives me the direction that I need to make both my personal and professional life so much more satisfying. I am more open to possibilities that I never would have thought possible before our work together.”
Angela Zachary, Assistant Vice President – Global Enterprise Technology Group,
Marsh Inc.

Michael is a true coach; he listens, he guides, and he makes it simple. He has been a great inspiration and a valuable advisor to me. Michael lives his life with appreciation for simple and meaningful things and has helped me view life’s challenges in similar fashion. His high energy is very contagious and his straight forwardness is very revealing.”
Rafi Shikoh, Editor and Founder
Dinar Standard™

On Personal Coaching

Thank you so much for today, Mike! You got me charged about my life in a way I haven’t been in a long time. I already made some changes, just this evening!”

Hey Mike, I was hoping for good news to share and in fact there is great news! I got into FRINGENYC with my one woman show! YOU ARE TO THANK! There is absolutely no way I would have put myself out there as a performer had it not been for your support and our work together. I really can’t thank you enough–but, here goes: Thank You!”
Stephanie Ehrlich, Writer and Performer of “Feed the Monster”

Just a quick note to thank you again for coaching me throughout the last few months. I needed this ‘wake up call’! ”
David Bachar, Chicago

Your encouragement, training, and the gentle push to stretch beyond my comfort zone is and will always be invaluable to me. You opened up a world of possibilities for me, so I could take the first step. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! “
Sheeba V., NJ

Mike – Thank you for the exciting ride. You are an inspiration to us all. I hope to work with you again.”
Francene Marie, Founder of Francene Marie Consulting and Radio Personality

I want to thank you again for your guidance. You gave me the ability to reach deep and provide me the tools to stay positive within my current job when times were bad (which I still use). I learned quite a bit about myself which helped get my confidence back. The job tools helped me think outside the box of how to search for opportunities I never thought were there, and most of all I feel I’m more in charge of ‘me’.”
Dave B., Wheatonville, IL

Hello Mike, I just wanted to send you a little email to thank you for the time you took to spend with us yesterday. You’re an inspiration and a huge help for people like me teetering between sanity and desperation. Many thanks.”
Reno Christou, Owner
Mediterranean Restaurant in Long Island, NY

As as student of personal development and growth I have worked with numerous life coaches over the years and have attended numerous Tony Robbins’ seminars. I can honestly say that Mike Jaffe is one of the best. He is a true professional, an expert at what he does and an inspiration to me. I have even recommended him to my family!”
Brian M. Moskowitz, Attorney
Law Offices of Brian M. Moskowitz

I found Mike Jaffe’s insight and perspective to be extremely valuable to my understanding of why I was having trouble following through with my goals.

Mike provided logical action plans to address the “road blocks” I was encountering. He served as a sounding board for my issues, and helped me recognize new and alternative ways of perceiving these issues. Upon simply seeing my issues through a different lens, it became rather easy to create simple solutions to propel my life forward.”
Paul Beatty, Owner
Bailey & Beatty Financial Services, LLC.

You are a professor of perspective! I continue to learn a great deal about how to better approach situations that would have frustrated me before we began working together. Your means of motivating are straight forward, insightful, and often inspirational. You have given me tools which allow me to continually improve all aspects of my life. Most importantly I am learning how to get out of my own way by remaining committed to my goals and holding myself accountable to them. I look forward to each and every meeting.”
Francis S., Ridgefield, CT

My life is finally more focused, I’m accomplishing a lot more than I used to, I overthink everything considerably less and take genuine, heartfelt, action more immediately. Overall, life’s a lot more fun. I’m feeling surprisingly sure in a very unsure world.”
Bev C., East Haddam, CT

I only have to spend a few minutes with Mike and something shifts with my mood and my immediate outlook. He is a results guy who makes every moment count. Mike has facilitated change in my life. I’m a mom and a professional, yet I have been able to find room for interests and projects I was sure I had no room for. I stopped dreaming about them and started doing them. Thanks Mike!”
Kate M. , Longmeadow, MA

Mike is the most dynamic, motivated person I know! After personal experience with one of the greatest tragedies of our time, Mike has completely redesigned his life with inspiration, focus and integrity. Give him the chance to help you redesign your life, career, whatever and you will see amazing results. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.”
Kimberly Lewis, Director
American Diabetes Association

The lessons and shifts in attitude are still helping me on a daily basis, almost a month after our last session. I find myself pleasingly calm and prepared when crisis hits, and I deal with those crises in a much healthier and more effective way than ever before.

You don’t just coach, you live the method. I think that’s one of the reasons I so quickly trusted you – you apply what you teach.

What I learned from you was that the tools were already [inside me], and I was not using them to best effect. Providing that little nudge, that tiny yet significant shift in mentality and by making me accountable for my actions, all reinforced with your absolute and unceasing positive attitude, really helped cement those tools and lessons in their rightful place.

I have also seen a shift in my peers that you worked with as well, so I know my experience is not unique. You are a fantastic coach Mike, and you made a big difference in my attitude towards work-no, let me correct that-towards LIFE! that I still benefit from today. ”
Jason Blair, Westport CT

On Mentor Coaching

Mike, being in your presence reminded me that there is a divine order to things, even if we can’t always see it. You are so infused with energy and purpose. It is rare to meet someone so in touch with the sacredness of life and I feel very blessed to have crossed your path. Thanks for taking that later train. The world needs you!”
Pamela D., NYC

Whenever I speak with Michael I come away feeling energized, valued and motivated. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a truly motivational coach. I always feel so “up” after I’ve spoken with you.”
Julie Breeze
Organization and Productivity Coach

Without the guidance that you have given me through our conversations I would not know how to go about starting a coaching business. So thank you very much.”
Grace Mauzy, Parenting Coach
GEM Coaching

That Mike Jaffe is an excellent coach is a given. However, Mike is also great at teaching and guiding new coaches through mentoring and training. His confident, supportive presence and enthusiasm are evident in person as well as on the phone. If you work with Mike, you will become a great coach yourself!”
Sharon Good, President
Good Life Coaching Inc