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Turning Your Intentions into Action

Customizing Your EventBased on the distinctions outlined in his new book, WAKEUP! Your Life is Calling!, Mike takes his experience as a 9/11 survivor and shares his powerful and inspiring story of how it served as his WakeUp call. Through this powerful message of self discovery and empowerment, Mike guides participants to identify their own WakeUp moment and use it to explore whats possible, stay committed, and get started on the path to achieving extraordinary results.

This interactive keynote which is designed to challenge unspoken assumptions and limitations, Wake Up! provides participants with a roadmap for making real, lasting change in their lives and businesses, and an effective tool for reconnecting to their own personal power on-demand.

Participants experience an astonishing shift in perspective accompanied by a sense of urgency that will sustain their ongoing actions. The results are powerful, as each person discovers a very powerful truth…that anyone can create a new future starting today.


Other Topics

Communication Skills for Effectively Leading Change

A business cannot survive without effective communication – it is something we do all day, every day, in many different ways. In fact, we each have a preferred way of taking in and processing information. Understanding these preferences opens the door to improved communication, leadership, management, problem solving, decision making and other aspects of personal/professional development and highlights the value that diversity brings to a business and a team.

Through interactive and dynamic team exercises and discussions, this valuable workshop utilizes the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) to teach people the “Whole Brain Model” of thinking, helping them gain greater insight into how individuals and groups think, communicate and work.  This enables them to interact with co-workers in a way that will motivate action, drive out fear, and create lasting bonds, resulting in more efficient communications, better teamwork and stronger alignment around shared goals and objectives.

The HBDI is a proven analytic framework that is based on over twenty years of research. It has been successfully used by many organizations to reduce costs, promote effective problem solving, and develop productive teams.

  • Understand the impact our thinking has on the way we communicate
  • Learn how to have a whole brain conversation using the four languages of the brain
  • Instill a team culture based on trust, partnership and respect
  • Increase dialogue and constructive feedback and anticipate and resolve conflicts
  • Achieve better performance while being less controlling and directive and more inquisitive and collaborative


  • ½ day or full day workshop
  • Utilizes the HBDI Assessment which will be completed by individuals in advance
  • Option to include Group, Team and Pair assessments (e.g., Manager and Direct Report) as a composite report in addition to individual findings
  • Recommended for Business Teams, Groups and whole Organizations


Coaching Skills for Influence and Inspired Leadership

This pragmatic and highly interactive workshop is designed to teach and empower leaders, managers and teams to the use the Power of Coaching for building and strengthening partnerships in the workplace. The increased mastery of the fundamental coaching skills of improved listening, questioning, facilitation and communication provides participants with the ability to interact with co-workers in a way that will motivate action, drive out fear, and create lasting bonds, resulting in more efficient communications, better teamwork and stronger alignment around shared goals and objectives. 


  • ½ day or full day workshop
  • Recommended for Directors, Managers and High Potential Employees


Thriving in the Midst of Change

Change is a given. Whether facing the prospect of expansion or the reality of restructuring, many people have difficulty finding their place and establishing a sense of security in a changing environment. “Thriving through Change” provides tools and perspectives to your employees that will enable them to overcome common barriers such as resistance, fear and lack of clarity. The result is enhanced employee morale, performance, and interaction.


  • 60 minute interactive Keynote Speech/Talk, Lunch&Learn
  • 2-4 hour workshop

** All of our programs can be customized to your group’s needs.


Raving Fans – Recent comments on Mike’s Speaking

Mike, Thank you again for an excellent program. You were very inspiring and challenged me to think differently. Thank you for the gift of perspective! Having been involved with this group for many many years, you were in the top 3 programs.

Laurie Glaude, PHR, CC, President Elect
Manchester Area Human Resources Association
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Thank you!!! Great presentation…certainly thought provoking. You have inspired me to make some personal changes in my life that are long overdue.

Vickie Routhier., Vice-President and Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Bank of New Hampshire
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As the organizer for a leadership training for a diverse group of educators facing a broad spectrum of challenges, I knew that finding one speaker or program that would resonate with everyone in the group would be difficult. Luckily, I found Mike Jaffe. Mike did an incredible job of inspiring a diverse group of educators. His ability to relate his messages and the topics he was presenting to each of our individual jobs, and ultimately, back to our students was remarkable. As the organizer of the event, working with The Mike Jaffe Company could not have been easier, and as an attendee of the event, it could not have been more rewarding. Thank You Mike!”

Tom Kelly, Program Director
Western Mass Network of 21st Century Community Learning Centers
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