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Living Powerfully means…(your answer here)

As we move ahead and start playing at a bigger level ourselves (have to drink your own Kool-Aid to stay in integrity) the team and I posted this question to our social media channels. Insight #1: When I posted it as a series of questions (see this post:, the only thing I heard was […]

What Makes Your Life Worth Living?

Founder Mike Jaffe: “What makes my life worth living? Big hugs from my kids; playing tickle monster in the living room; a warm embrace from my wife; kissing them all goodnight and singing the kids to sleep to Neil Young’s ‘Sugar Mountain’. “The pride and wonder on my clients’ faces when their results unfold; an […]

Too old? I don’t think so…

Claude Choules published a book about his life entitled “The Last of the Last”.  What’s interesting about that isn’t the fact that he recalls times learning to surf in South Africa, buying cigarettes for a penny a pack, or seeing the first car ever driven through his Australian village. What’s impressive is that he published […]

Bloody Nose Syndrome – Trying Not to Fall Down

Often we stop ourselves because we are afraid we won’t be perfect. Sometimes we don’t attempt certain things because we’re afraid of falling down. Make this the year you get in action. This is your time to create the life you’ve always desired. After all, you have nothing to lose but that same pattern that you’re trying to break free from.