Team Building Benefits

Making teams nimble and effective

A tremendous amount of time and effort is spent planning, scheduling and running group meetings and team discussions. Unfortunately most meetings fail to create the positive energy, effective inquiry, and clear direction that generate new and exciting results.

Good facilitation actively creates opportunities for interaction and generates the creativity required for optimal team performance. This can make all the difference in the quantity and quality of the solutions produced – and the morale and motivation of participants both during and after the meeting.

How Participants Will Benefit

Our Business Team programs enable leaders and teams to spend needed time coming together to regroup and refocus so they can move forward from a position of strength, unity and vision.

  • Shift perspective, develop skills and receive guided support to interact with co-workers in a way that will create personal empowerment, motivate action, drive out fear, and create lasting bonds
  • Learn how to thrive during constant change
  • Create ‘ownership’ and accountability by each person of their roles, expectations and performance
  • Instill a culture based on trust, partnership and respect
  • Increase dialogue, collaboration and constructive feedback
  • Anticipate and resolve conflicts
  • Align personal motivation with work and personal goals
  • Establish a clear vision and well-defined goals up front

Does Your Team Need a WakeUp Call?

Great innovations occur when your people come together to discuss their challenges and opportunities. When your team commits to an offsite, whether it is for a half-day or a whole week, whether it is focused on building relationships or defining new strategies, you are making an important investment in the future.

Our involvement and the professional structure we provide allow leaders the freedom to focus on the topics and act as participants without the additional concerns of “running the show.” By keeping everyone involved in the discussion and encouraging feedback from all, team performance is enhanced as participants take ownership of outcomes. This paves the way for the decisions and plans made during the meeting to be put into effect when the team returns to the workplace. (Note: This is highly effective when followed up with an individual coaching program)

Is your group ready to create an environment where members understand each other’s perspectives, leverage each other’s strengths and support each other’s successes?

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