Wake Up! Your Life is Calling

Why settle for “FINE” when so much more is possible…

You tell yourself you can change careers soon or make more time for yourself and your family someday.

But what if someday never comes?

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On September 10th, 2001, while looking up at his 96th floor office in the Twin Towers during his lunch break, Mike Jaffe had a simple vision. The next morning, he would take the later train to work so he could have breakfast with his wife and daughter. Surrounded by the awesome New York skyscrapers that stretched endlessly toward the crystal sky, he had a wakeup call. Because of his decision to follow that call, Jaffe is alive today.

The more I read your book, the more I love it!”  Carolyn V., Omaha NE

We think we will see the most important decision of our lives coming. We tell ourselves we can change careers soon or make more time for family another day. We spend time wishing our life was different in some way or hoping to make these changes one day—after the kids get older, or once things at work settle down, or next month, or next year, or some day.

In this thought-provoking guide to creating the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted, life coach and world-class speaker Mike Jaffe will walk you through the five essential principles for rewriting your tomorrow. He makes it clear why it’s so important to climb out of that quicksand known as “things are fine” and creates a sense of urgency for you to own your path fully. He’ll challenge your perception of “the truth” and significantly expand the universe of what you believe is possible. In doing so, you’re going to WAKE UP parts of you that have been dormant, hiding, or playing too small to fully serve you. You’ll learn to ultimately persist through the challenges and storms until you create the life you desire, not ‘someday’, but today.

  • Are you ready to play a bigger game and perform at a higher level?
  • Are you facing a change, a big task, a new role, or a different direction?
  • Have you considered the true cost of not moving forward?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then pick up this book and don’t put it down. It’s more than an incredible read; it’s a game changer.

It’s time to stop floating or drifting. It’s time to stop waiting for “some day.” It’s time to own your path and start moving powerfully toward what you want.
Today is that day. Tomorrow starts today…

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Rave Reviews of WAKEUP! Your Life is Calling.

(5-Star AMAZON REVIEW) Mike Jaffe’s mission in this book, to help people remove their own obstacles of fear, little by little, one step at a time. His plan for the readers is highly pragmatic and realistic. His own inspirational examples are down-to-earth. We are not reading an extraordinary story of someone who is wildly successful. Mike Jaffe is just like me and you. He does not put himself up on a pedestal, pretending to be one of those flawless gurus from Mars. Looking at those spiritually and morally impeccable gurus will only make us feel miserable in the long run; it’s like a teenage girl staring at flawlessly Photoshopped models in fashion magazines. Mike Jaffe is a real human, and that is his greatest strength. If you are looking for some guidance in your life, and would like to keep your feet firmly grounded, I would highly recommend his book.”
~Dyske Suematsu, NYC

Wake Up! Your Life is Calling is a great read and a wonderful resource for those who want to start living and be the person they were meant to be. Change is not easy for anyone, and your tools for change make it doable and achievable for those who are ready to do something different in their lives.”
~Deborah Brown-Volkman, Professional Certified Coach;
Career, Life, and Mentor Coach; and President, Surpass Your Dreams, Inc.

Wake Up! is an exceptional book. It is a powerful call to action that resonates with ideas that are easily transferable to individuals and companies of any size. Jaffe provides powerful insight to guide the reader through the journey with personal accountability. An immensely enjoyable and valuable read for anyone seeking sage advice in navigating today’s rapidly changing world.”
~Nancy Newman, Vice President,
Sales Communications & Training, Fortune 500 Company

Ready to move from fine to something truly outstanding? This book will absolutely take you there. Mike will take you through a journey that will open your eyes wide to the reasons why we settle and provide you with the tools you need to make your life extraordinary. A must-read for anyone who knows they want more.”
~Angela Nielsen, Founder and Creative Director,
One Lily Creative Agency

9/11 set off a quickening of human evolution that has resulted in the status quo no longer being good enough for millions of people. Mike Jaffe is a shining example of that and he has written an impactful guide for anyone feeling the urge to change but who is not sure how. Live his story and you’ll be rewriting your own.”
~Laura Berman Fortgang, Coaching pioneer,
Author of Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction

Wake Up! is the perfect kick in the pants and asks exactly the right questions to get you living your most fulfilling life today.”
~Noah Blumenthal, President, Leading Principles, and Author of national bestseller,
Be the Hero: Three Powerful Ways to Overcome Obstacles in Work and Life

(5-Star AMAZON REVIEW) A Gem! I’ve been a professional life coach for 15+ years. If I would write a book that summarizes what I find useful in order to find a life to love, this would pretty much be it. Read it and do it!”
~Magnus Almgren “pixe”, Sandviken, Sweden

(5-Star AMAZON REVIEW) Captivating, Compelling, Well-Structured, Engaging! Just finished the book. Really well done. The writing is great, not to mention the content. I’m not the most frequent consumer of books (more of a news / magazine guy), and it’s truly only the captivating books that I fly through, otherwise it’s often a painful and long process for me. This I definitely breezed through in no time – fully realizing that the author’s aim was probably not to pen the fastest read ever. Captivating, compelling, well structured, and really engaging style. Great as a reference also. Highly recommended.”
~Burkhard, Duxbury, MA

(5-Star AMAZON REVIEW) Must read! The “fine” thing about life and just coasting is really hitting home right now for me… I picked the book up and was on page 40 before I knew it… What’s also truly resonating for me right now is changing how I think about life/money/quality of life/time… Mike is so right about technology eating up all our time and taking away quality time spent as a family. Mike’s techniques WORK and he’s right on the mark! This is a must read for everyone!”
~Kimberkaos, Florida

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From the BOOK:

The 5 Principles to WAKEUP and Rewrite Your Tomorrow

An extraordinary life begins with a shift in perspective—a wakeup call. You will realize that to get the life you really want for yourself, you can’t wait around until tomorrow; you must start today. Do something now!

You have unique strengths, interests, and desires. What are they? What do they look like? Find your purpose and you will be another step closer to living your extraordinary life. Find the meaning!

Playing happens when you take an intention and turn it into an action. It’s in that action of playing that your life grows and starts to become extraordinary. You go from not knowing to knowing—from seeing the world and its limited possibilities to seeing the world and its unlimited possibilities. Just play!

Your action plan is your roadmap to success. Small steps, lead to big changes. Use SMART goals to move you toward your vision and daily, weekly, and monthly action steps to help you reach those goals. Bit by bit, your life will move from fine to extraordinary. Take small bites!

Keep the effort going with continued courage and patience. Move through distraction, fear, uncertainty, and interruptions and create time for your plan. Use your support network to cheer you on and keep you accountable. Take action everyday!

More Reviews of WAKEUP!

Mike Jaffe is a great friend and wrote an amazing book! Read it, take the action, and love your new you.”
~Sandy Vilas, Master Certified Coach, Chief Executive Officer, Coach U, Inc.

That rare combination of the inspirational story that has both a message and a road-map to where you want your life to be. This powerful life parable enables you to walk in the shoes of someone who has been on the path. Mike provides the empowerment…all readers have to do is follow the process. Change is not easy, impossible without a Sherpa. Mike is a master guide!”
~Stewart Levine, Esq., author of Getting to Resolution, The Book of Agreement, and Collaborate 2.0

Mike helped me recognize a void in my life and to declare a personal goal of making international travel a priority for my family. My family and I have since experienced a magical two week vacation in Tuscany, explored Provence and fallen in love with Paris. I am grateful to Mike for sharing his story and inspiring me to identify a life priority and make it happen!”
~ Dana M., San Francisco, CA

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Hardcover format $27.95 Add to Cart
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KINDLE Edition $12.99 Buy from Amazon
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